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Imported and Miscellaneous Items

Pigface Basinette

Pigface Basinette


Saxon / Viking Spectacle


Barbute, 14th C. Italian

We carry a small stock of imported armour and from time to time buy in or part exchange items, which are available for resale. These are generally cheaper than our homemade products but, unless otherwise advised, they are not considered suitable for re-enactment use although they are suitable for fantasy LRP, fashion wear, exhibition, etc.

All items are sold as received and are only one size (the chainmail shirt has a chest size of about 55" and is 35" long, it weighs 11.5Kg).

The table below shows a small selection of what is generally in stock, with the prices.

Prices for Imported Items

Item Price
Pigface Basinette Helmet £115.00
Saxon/Viking Spectacle Helmet £110.00
Barbute Helmet £95.00
Spanish Cabosett Helmet £50.00
Roman Helmet £200.00
Great Helm £95.00
Morian Helmet £120.00
Salet Helmet £100.00

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